Matt Weatherall

Freelance creative strategist.
Eight years experience.

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How can you help us?

Desk research to find opportunities.
Ideas to show what’s possible.

Hire me for one or two days to respond to a brief.

Who have you worked with?

Unilever, Ecover, Boots, Starbucks, Lendlease, Good for Nothing, Girl Effect, The National Trust, The Climate Coalition, Glimpse, Kin&Co, Collectively, Swarm, Wild Labs, and Dare.

What do they say?

“Matt provides a fresh, insightful perspective not only raising interesting questions but helping you answer them. He's my go to guy whenever we need extra firepower on a brief.”
– Zac Schwarz, co-founder of Glimpse

"Matt cuts through the clutter quickly, to get to really sharp and interesting insights and ideas that always add a lot to any brief. And he's great to work can't ask for more than that!"
– Tom Farrand, co-founder of Swarm

How much do you cost?

£400 per day.

When are you available?

From 1st June 2020 onwards.

What’s your email address?

Who are you when you’re not a creative strategist?

I run an open mic night where anything goes called Special Guest and I run a jobs board for people who give a damn about the planet called Damn Good Jobs.

I hang out with cats too.